Exercise EW27: Stretching of back & anterior chain

Galileo Training Exercise EW27

Exercise EW27: Stretching of back & anterior chain

Goal: Relaxation and stretching of the back and especially the anterior muscle chain (gluteus, thighs, back of the knees, calfs)

Accessories: 2 Yoga blocks, sitting cube or a chair with arm-rests (allows 3 different heights, and more with Yoga Block on seat)

Parameters: Frequency: 16-18 Hz / Position: 1.5-2.5 / Duration: 2-3 Minuten

Posture: Place hand on sitting cube or chair (armrest), arms straight, weight of the upper body on the hands/arms, straight legs.
Movement: Keep repeating: move towards a hollow-back as far as possible (Pelvis tilts forwards) then release. You need to feel the stretching in the anterior muscle chain or the lower back. If not, hold on lower (e.g. on the seat or the Yoga block on-top of the seat). In addition, you can also put a Yoga Block flat underneath your toes to extend calf flexion. If the pelvis cannot tilt forward (if you cannot reach a hollow-back position) then place your hands higher (e.g. backrest of the chair)

Tip: Try the following simple test before and after the exercise: Try to touch the floor with your fingertips/hand with straight legs and see how much you could decrease the finger-floor distance.

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