Occupational health care
with Galileo® Training

Effective and efficient for your employees!
only 10 minutes per day!

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Occupational health care
with Galileo® Training

Effective and efficient for your employees!
only 10 minutes per day!

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Fast training effects with short units

Overview of Training Goals

Home Training

Effective and efficient whole-body training with Galileo®.

So long back pain!

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Relaxation and strengthening with Galileo®

The simulated walking movement allows Galileo training platforms to activate almost all muscles that are also used when walking. This compressed walking movement on Galileo ("walking while standing") can loosen and relax or strengthen the back muscles in a short time - depending on the selected training frequency. Invest 10 minutes a day in the health of your employees.

Galileo® Training is suitable for almost everyone

Galileo can be used in production with often monotonous or strenuous activities as well as for employees who mainly perform sedentary work. Back or leg muscles can be relaxed or strengthened with an individually compiled programme. A few minutes a day can be enough to recharge your batteries for the working day. Thus, Galileo can be used by a very large number of users everyday.

Galileo® Training can save staff and space

In the form of "training islands", the implementation of Galileo is possible without large staff and space requirements. A chip card allows to customise, monitor and adapt the training or just to control access.

Strengthening of the muscles

To make the back fit for our everyday life, a strong and well-functioning musculature is crucial. Galileo allows to exhausts you muscles in a very short time. This allows a very efficient and efficient training of your muscles at the same time. Essential goals of Galileo Training application are therefore improvement of muscle function and muscle performance.

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Due to the side-alternating movement of Galileo Training devices the resulting reflex-based muscle activation is triggered all the way up to the upper back. Side-alternation but also the use of the correct frequency are essential, since their combination allows an alternating activation and deactivation of muscles based on a physiological (natural) movement pattern. This combined effects allows the effective relaxation of the muscles of the back. In addition, local blood-flow is increased and the cardiovascular system is activated - especially after a long day in the office or the home-office.

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Flexibility & Range of Motion

Flexibility as well as range of motion can be increased significantly by application of Galileo Training. As a consequence, body posture can be improved for example by more straight up standing or sitting. Flexibility and range of motion are not only important when looking over you shoulder when driving you car. They are also essential for a well functional and powerful muscle. Only the sufficiently long muscle enables a large contraction speed and thus also high performance, sufficient energy storage and ultimately efficient locomotion.

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Impulses for Muscle & Bone

The reflex muscle contractions that can be triggered by Galileo can extend all the way up the back, depending on the posture. Depending on the level of the set training frequency, your back muscles can be loosened and relaxed or strengthened. In addition, training can improve flexibility, stretching ability and posture. Even after intensive training, many users feel good, walk "like on clouds", are refreshed and full of energy - very good prerequisites for an all-round good body feeling.

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What experts say about Galileo® Training

Let Galileo® Training convince you!

Numerous scientific studies prove the effectiveness of therapy with Galileo.
Benefit from the knowledge gained from over 25 years of experience and from over 500 scientific publications on Galileo worldwide.

Why Galileo® for your company?

Your advantages

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Prevention to maintain health

An employee who is free of symptoms enjoys his or her work and can achieve good results.

Due to today's more intense health awareness, employees and entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for efficient and safe health-promoting methods. Galileo can provide this possibility. Integrate 5-10 minutes on Galileo as a regular part of your employees' daily work routine and you can achieve lasting improvements in performance, strength, flexibility and coordination. A win-win situation for employees and the company.

Maintaining and promoting work ability: In corporate routine, occupational health management measures are becoming increasingly important, especially due to the demographic change.

Creating framework conditions: Health and the ability to work are considered the fundamentals of employability. Therefore, the promotion of these also relies on the responsibility of the companies. It is important to create framework conditions that enable companies and employees to develop employability in their particular areas of responsibility. Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Minimise sick leave through preventive care: According to the BAuA, almost 25 % of days of work incapacity are already attributable to musculoskeletal disorders, and the trend is rising. The number of sick days causes billions of euros of costs to the German economy.

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Minimal time and space requirements

Galileo PT (Personal Trainer) can reduce your personnel deployment. Galileo PT visualises the complete exercise sequence for your client.Galileo PT visualises the complete exercise sequence for your client. After a short briefing, your client can train independently. Galileo PT offers different application concepts:

Little effort – most effective benefit: Invest some time with Galileo Training in the health of your employees with the most effective benefit. Galileo can be easily integrated into the daily work routine without requiring much time. In just 5-10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week, an individually designed programme relaxes the back and leg muscles, releases tension and prevents and corrects imbalances caused by incorrect posture.

No sportswear: Galileo Training does not require individual sportswear and motivates with enjoyable exercises that delight and increase well-being.

Access control: Only instructed staff members can train on the device with the help of a chip card.

Time accounts: Employees can train off fixed time quotas. In combination with the RTC option, you can also determine daily and weekly limits for the training periods.

Free training: Customers can choose their training goal and level of difficulty and then select from a corresponding list of exercises or carry out training plans that are always newly compiled.

Predefined programmes: You can programme customised training programmes for the client on his chip card. Up to four programmes can be stored on each chip card. The intuitive Galileo TPM (Training Plan Manager) supports you in creating training plans and includes many sample programmes.

The Galileo® Fit PT Bundle

Interactive training without staff


Automatic frequency adjustment in case of wrong posture


Training with randomly changing frequencies

Visualisation via PT

Panel for interactive training with large display for visualisation of the complete training process


Low noise operation

Chip Card

Individual user profiles & ready-made training plans


Alternative to smart card function, utilisation via network

Galileo Fit Chip PT Tower Bundle 1200
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Do you have questions about our products or would you like to purchase a product?

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Which Galileo® suits me?

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Galileo® Training. Get fit - stay fit.

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