Fitness Clubs
with Galileo® Training

Effective and efficient for your employees!
only 10 minutes per day!

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Fitness Clubs
with Galileo® Training

Effective and efficient for your employees!
only 10 minutes per day!

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Effective and efficient whole-body training with Galileo®.

Successfully reaching the goal

After almost 30 years of experience Galileo is not only established din the field of medicine but also in professional fitness. Galileo Training can be used both as a dedicated training method and as an extremely effective supplement to other training methods such as classic resistance training.
Galileo now offers a wide range of products specifically designed for the fitness sector: from side-alternating vibration training equipment and vibration dumbbells to visualization of training sequences with Galileo PT and training monitoring using Galileo Smart Coaching.
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Why Galileo® for your training?

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Reduced staffing

Galileo PT (Personal Trainer) can reduce your personnel deployment. Galileo PT visualises the complete exercise sequence for your client.Galileo PT visualises the complete exercise sequence for your client. After a short briefing, your client can train independently. Galileo PT offers different application concepts:

Access control: Using the chip card, only instructed clients can train on the device:

Time accounts: Clients can train off designated time quotas. In combination with the RTC option, you can also determine daily and weekly limits for the training periods.

Free training: Clients can choose their training goal and level of difficulty and then select from a corresponding list of exercises, or carry out training plans that are always newly compiled.

Predefined programmes: You can programme customised training programmes for the client on his chip card. Up to four programmes can be stored on each chip card. The intuitive Galileo TPM (Training Plan Manager) supports you in creating training plans and includes many sample programmes.

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Strength and power enhancement

Galileo can increase muscle strength and power as well as endurance capacity. In addition, the high repetition rate can lead to the improvement of inter- and intramuscular coordination in a short time . Training effects can be intensified, movement patterns can be developed, refined and stabilised, and movements can be performed faster and more precisely.

Personal trainers and health-conscious athletes are always looking for efficient and safe methods to test or push limits. Galileo can provide this possibility. Incorporate 5-10 minutes on Galileo as an integral part of your training sessions and you can achieve lasting improvements in power, strength, flexibility and coordination.

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Let Galileo® Training convince you!

Numerous scientific studies prove the effectiveness of therapy with Galileo.
Benefit from the knowledge gained from over 25 years of experience and from over 500 scientific publications on Galileo worldwide.

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Galileo® Training. Get fit - stay fit.

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