Galileo® Mano 30 Dumbbell

Training for arms and upper part of the body. The great addition to the standing device.

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Training for arms and upper part of the body

The great addition to the standing device.

The Galileo Mano 30 dumbbell system enables relaxing and demanding training sessions as the situation requires. Muscles and muscle function of arms, shoulder and Neck can be trained effectively in a short time. Switching on the integrated Wobbel function enables a random changing training frequency (vibrations per second).

As an option, a second dumbbell can also be used to make the Training even more intense.


Novotec Medical GmbH

Type No.


Medical device


Hand rail


External control


Internal control


Remote control


Frequency range (from/to)

5..40 Hz

Amplitude (from/to)

2 mm

Stroke (peak to peak)

4 mm

Max. acceleration

12,9 g

Dimensions total (l/w/h)

Bedienteil/Control unit: 250 x 160 x 80 mm; Hantel/Dumbbell: 280 x 200 x 60 mm

Weight total

Bedienteil/Control unit: 1,9 kg; Hantel/Dumbbell: 2,6 kg



Wobbel function


Included in delivery

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