Galileo® S 35

Extra functionality for advanced home users. Additional Galileo® Smart Coaching and Bluetooth® functionality and higher amplitude, frequency range compared to Galileo® S 25.

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Extra functionality for advanced home users.

Galileo® S 35 includes additional Galileo® Smart Coaching functionality as well as higher Amplitude and frequency range compared to Galileo® S 25.

The Galileo S 35 is in addition to its extended frequency range a great device for the advanced home user for increase of Performance as well as to increase muscle function and blood flow. The included Wobbel and Smart Coaching functions guarantees highest functionality as well as efficiency. The silent technology reduces noise of the device to a minimum and makes training on the Galileo S 35 even more fun.


Novotec Medical GmbH

Weight total

31 kg

Max. load (body weight)

140 kg

Power consumption

400 VA



Wobbel function


Galileo® Smart Coaching


Galileo® Smart Sense


Galileo® App-Steuerung




Galileo Delta Interface


Weight base unit

31 kg

Type No.

8N050820, 8N050821

Medical device


Hand rail


External control


Internal control


Remote control


Frequency range (from/to)

5..33 Hz

Amplitude (from/to)

0..+/-4,7 mm

Stroke (peak to peak)

0..9,4 mm

Max. acceleration

20,6 g

Dimensions base unit (l/w/h)

547 x 349 mm

Dimensions footplate (l/w)

682 x 490 x 131 mm

Dimensions total (l/w/h)

682 x 490 x 131 mm

Color variant

Black, Red, White

Included in delivery

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